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We are serious about animal care, jockey development, promotion of responsible gambling and development of equestrian sports in general.

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General Rules
Official Starter (Umphalisi) has a final authority at the starting point (see responsibilities above) Jockeys are strictly prohibited from arguing with the official starter. No horse will be regarding as having won any race without having a jockey on top Any horse that misses the start after the starter has signaled his flag down will be regarded as not having participated.
Only 4 top spots will be entitled to prize money Winning horses will be paid according to their order of performance in the competition following the percentage split.
1. 40% 2. 30% 3. 20%. 4. 10%

All participating horses will pay a non-refundable registration fee as prescribed for a particular race. Cameras will be used and the footage result will be deemed to be the final version. Rules may be reviewed under special circumstances to ensure compliance Registration for all races closes at 9:00 am The race starts at 10:00

 The Race Disciplinary Committee will handle all complaints and forms of misconduct All forms of ill discipline are strictly prohibited. Sanctions will be imposed on transgressors in accordance with the nature of the offence

Horse racing rules
1) All horses must be paraded in front of the stand before the race.
2) The horses start the race from the starting line or by the flag.
3) If there was a false start the race can be restarted.
4) The first horse to cross the finish line is declared to be a winner.
5) If few horses cross the finish line at the same time the finishes are determined by looking at the order in which the noses crossed the finish line.
6) If the two horses have finished first in a dead heat, both of them are declared winners. (The prize money for first and second place is divided equally between both winners).

Rules for horses
(a) All horses must have passed clearance checks by SPCA before participating
(b) No horse will be allowed to participate without proper saddlery
(c) A horse may be disqualified if it interferes with another horse anytime during the racing.
(d) A horse will be disqualified if its jockey rides it in a dangerous manner and jeopardises the chances of another horse
(e) If a horse is out of control just before the start of the race it may be disqualified.

Rules for jockeys
(a) A jockey will not be allowed to participate if found to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
(b) All jockeys must wear protective gear at all times
(c) A jockey must wear a protective helmet.
(d) Jockey’s shirt and trousers must have owner’s colours.
(e) A jockey can be substituted by another jockey
(f) A jockey has to give his horse the best chance to perform as best as it can possibly do.
(g) No sjamboks or wooden sticks may be used by any jockey
(h) No Jockey shall willfully remove saddlery during the race. This may lead to disqualification.


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