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Traditional Horse Racing

The anchor of the Berlin November is the traditional horse racing handicap with a total prize money of R650 000, featuring different races. This will ensure that horse breeders, trainers and jockeys benefit directly from the race.

The organisers have ensured that horse racing prize money increases over time from there mere R50 000
 prize monies that had defined the industry before Berlin November took the stage. This year, the “Winner takes ALL” prize for both traditional and Thouroughbreds isR200 000 thanks to Yekani, a local electronics giant that has offerd to pay the purse money for this race. This to ensure that we contribute meaningfully to the best in the industry and that this becomes the most sought out prize. 

The races will include Umphalo (speed, turf or galloping races)Umhambo (trippling races), and Umkhwelo (endurance races).


It is South Africa's premier traditional horse racing event staged in November yearly in Berlin outside East London in the Eastern Cape.

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